Dr.Amrita Mukherjee(PT)

best treatment with lots of care... one of the best clinic for removing pain by dry needling..it's really FROM PAIN TO SMILE

Madhurima Saha (Physiothepapy Student)

Thank you Sir for conducting such a wonderful workshop on taping. It was a very helpful and an excellent workshop for gaining knowledge on taping

Ritwik Maji Businessman

Fit O Fine is the best Physiotherapy center in burdwan and also in West Bengal. I have visited several Physiotherapy set up in famous multi specialty hospitals in kolkata and outside of bengal, but I never found the treatment like Dr. Satyen did. He is the best in his field

Syamapada Ghosh Ex Professor J.K College, Purulia

I had several occasions to visit Fit O Fine & enjoyed very much. Really help, Dr. Bhattacharyya is. I like to visit again. I shall also tell my dear & near ones to go there

Madhablal Dey Businessman

Fit O Fine Physiotherapy Center is one stop solution for all kind of body pain or sports injury rehab. I am highly impressed the way Dr. Satyen treated me

Ronit Bhar Physiotherapy student

Awesome treatment and the best and ambient atmosphere. I experienced Dry Needling treatment for my Tennis Elbow pain, and it was new to me. I got excellent result. Dr. Satyen has excellent skill for Dry Needling

Saumya Kanti Pal Advocate & owner of Cuts & Curves Fitness Studio

Fit O Fine is undoubtedly the best Physiotherapy Center in Burdwan where your treatment done with care, caution and precision by Dr. Satyen Bhattacharyya who is quite renowned person here owing to his profile in the field of Physiotherapy

Alok Kumar Tiwari

Thank you sir. I am very much happy to learn a new techniques of physiotherapy from you.. Now I am a student but I know that it will help me very much in my future practice. Thank you sir.

Manish Kumar

I have learn so much of hands on technique from Fit O Fine workshop. Thank you very much sir for sharing knowledge


I had been there for my treatment long back. I was totally impressed with the knowledge and patient handling of Dr. Satyen. Fit O Fine is the destination for pain free life. I wish to join their obesity management program. I will highly recommend my near one to visit Fit O Fine   

Dr.Anjon Roy PT (PGT)

Thank you so much sir for sharing your valuable and immense knowledge with us about various types of Cupping therapy. Fabulous workshop it was... It will be very beneficial for me in my future... Thank you #Fit_O_Fine..

Amrita Siddhanta

Thank u sir fr sharing ur valuable knowledge with us.. it was very useful workshop. I m happy to attend this workshop...thank you.

Nancy Eliza

Thank you sir for making the concept so clear and easy to learn and to practice without any difficulty...dry needling workshop been very fab

Dr. Ramisha Biswas (PT)

Fabulous workshop with fit o fine.. Thank you so much sir for giving us the opportunity to join your such a wonderful workshop..

Amit Kumar Roy

I heard about Fit O Fine from my colleagues quite some time back. My mother has been suffering from low back pain since a long time. I took her to Fit O Fine and was highly impressed with the knowledge and patient handling technique of Satyen Bhattacharya, Director of the clinic. The ambience is the best I have experienced so far. Treatment modality is unique and the ambience itself has a healing touch. My mother is much better now and Fit-O-Fine is the ultimate destination to get relief from pain. Thank you very much sir.

Dr. Partha Dutta (PT)

its always being amzing experience to be your student in any workshop.you deliver the concept not like A speaker but like A senior.your guidance is just mesmarising.

Prithwiraj Dubey

It was a great workshop, you present all of us about the spine module very easily,In the practical you demonstrate us again and again,also enjoy a lot...that's a wonderful memory.

Aveek Nandy (on DN workshop)

Thank you sir for your support,careness and love. Fit o fine give me a great experince and knowledge on DRY NEEDLING. Which is a best wayout for sports injury and also other purposes. Again thank you sir for sharing your valuable commands

Suman Gayen (on DN Workshop)

Thamk you so much for sharing wonderful knowledge about Dry Needling with us!!Great concept!! Wonderful workshop!!TThank you so much sir

Thank you so much sir for giving us the knowledge of dry needling....it will be very beneficial for me in my future..

Naznin Ahmed (on DN Workshop)

Thanks a lot sir for giving us the knowledge of dry needling ...it was a huge scope for us to gain this new approtch of physiotherapy through this workshop ..it will be highly benificial for us in future ..

Antara Bishnu (on DN Workshop)

Thanks you sir for such a wonderful workshop and shearing with us knowledge on dry needling and allow us to easily practice..I am very obliged to get u as a teacher...thanks sir

Priyanka Tah (on DN Workshop)

Thank you so much Sir for such an workshop on dry needling..It is very helpful and excellent for gathering knowledge on dry needling..And also thanks for making the topic easy..Thanks a lot..

Ratula Bhattacharya (on DN Workshop)

Thank you so much sir for conducting such a wonderful workshop on dry needling . It was an outstanding workshop ; I've really enjoyed it . Thanks a lot for sharing your immense knowledge & valuable informations with us about dry needling. Thanks a lot again.

Chaitali Roy Kayet (on DN Workshop)

Thank you so much sir for the workshop , it was a great workshop , thank you for providing your valuable information with us about Dry needling and your method of delivery of knowledge was so easy to receive , thank you so much sir again ...