Manual Therapy


Manual Therapy


There are various concepts on Manual Therapy terrain. All of them are used in different permutations and combinations for different treatments. If a manual therapist wants to give the most effective treatment to their patient, he should know the different school of thoughts, as combined application will give the most benefit.We often confuse which school of thought to use when, so we empower the participant about the combination of applying different techniques in manual therapy


Course content Spinal Module 

Surface Anatomy

 Arthrokinematics & Osteokinematic of Spine

 Red Flags in Spinal Manual Therapy

 Introduction of different school of thoughts (Mulligan, McKenzie, Maitland, Kaltenborne)

 Complete assessment of Spine

Hands on technique

 Application of different techniques SI Joint

 Application of DN and Taping in Spinal Muscles

 How to read X-Ray, CT, MRI of Spine

 Decision making - which manual therapy to apply when



Course content for Peripheral Module

Brief review about Anatomy & Biomechanics

 Clinical reasoning of Peripheralization and how to rule out

 Shoulder Joint

 Elbow Joint

 Wrist and Fingers

 Hip Joint

 Knee Joint

 Ankle Joint




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